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Best Airport to Fly Into if Visiting Cape Cod

by Nancy

Question: We will be coming to Cape Cod from Chicago. Which airport is best?

Dee's Reply: It depends on whether you want to fly to an airport right here on Cape Cod or fly to a nearby airport and take another mode of transportation the rest of the way here.

Flying to an Airport on Cape Cod

We have two primary airports on the Cape:
  • Cape Cod Gateway Airport (a/k/a Barnstable Municipal Airport) in Hyannis; and
  • Provincetown Municipal Airport in Provincetown.

Flying Into Hyannis

You can fly into Hyannis on CapeAir from Boston's Logan International (year round), or on JetBlue from JFK International or Laguardia in New York City (seasonal only).

Many Cape Cod visitors opt to take their favorite major airline from their home airport to Boston, then fly to Hyannis via CapeAir.

CapeAir flies the Boston-Hyannis route multiple times each day, year round.

On the other hand, JetBlue flies the New York City - Hyannis route on a very limited schedule from June to October.

Flying Into Provincetown

If you plan to fly to Provincetown, your only option is CapeAir from Boston.

CapeAir flies the Boston-Provincetown route multiple times a day, year round.

*TIP - JetBlue and CapeAir are "partner" airlines. If you fly JetBlue from your home airport, that partner relationship will make your connection and baggage transfer through to Hyannis or Provincetown smooth and easy!

The Best Airport Near Cape Cod

For many travelers (including yours truly!), the best airport near Cape Cod isn't in Boston. It's T.F. Green International Airport in Providence, Rhode Island.

Whenever I have a choice, I pick T.F. Green over Logan every time!

Why? Because it's a heck of a lot more user-friendly than Logan Airport in Boston! And it's about the same distance from the Cape as is Boston - roughly 60 miles, give or take.

To get to the Cape, you can rent a car or take an Uber, Lyft or limo.

It's an easy drive/ride and a great way to avoid the "big-city airport" hassles on your journey to the Cape.

So if you can find a convenient, reasonably priced flight from your home airport to Providence, go for it!

I have no doubt you'll agree that T. F. Green is the best airport to fly into for your visit to Cape Cod!


P.S. Here are the airport codes for your research:
  • BOS - Logan International in Boston, MA;
  • JFK - John F. Kennedy International in New York, NY;
  • LGA - LaGuardia International in New York;
  • PVD - T.F. Green International in Providence, Rhode Island;
  • HYA - Cape Cod Gateway/Barnstable Municipal in Hyannis, MA; and
  • PVC - Provincetown Municipal in Provincetown, MA.

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Would ACK be an option
by: Anonymous

Would ACK Airport be an option?

[Dee's Reply:] Sure, you could fly to Nantucket (airport code "ACK") then take another flight or a ferry to Cape Cod.

Doing it that way will significantly increase your travel costs, but it's definitely do-able.


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